Keynote: “The perfect storm of world starvation”

Join us Tuesday 22nd January at 8 for 8.15pm

at St Faith’s Community Centre, Red Post Hill, London SE249JQ

“The perfect storm of world starvation”

Whilst grand international conferences are being held at various exotic places, the price of food is rising everywhere. For the richer, food represents a relatively small part of their budget – but the poorer you are and the higher that percentage is. For the poorest of the world, it means death by starvation. It is estimated that around 10 million people a year are currently dying of starvation (about 30,000 per day); 1.4 billion are below the official poverty line; and another billion are permanently malnourished. It will only get worse. The rich world cannot pretend it will not be affected.

Benny Dembitzer will make a presentation of his book – SLEEPWALKING INTO GLOBAL FAMINE.  He is an international development economist; he was a member of the team awarded the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.

The meeting is open to all. You will be able to purchase a glass of wine or a fruit juice and there will be time for questions and answers.


We will also discuss whether there is enough interest in creating a forum where local residents will regularly meet with others to hear presentations on a range of issues of general interest.

 For further information, please use e-mail;

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